NEFX - Marathon: Pathsifter - The Facing of the Legion Within

by Adminn_1

Uploaded Jul 26th, 2023


In this NEFX shell based on Pathways Into Darkness, you've probed too deeply into matters unknown and found yourself in the forbidden zone, at the mercy of a once-dormant deity ordering your retrieval of diamonds to escape.

Version -- newest map addition 2023-07-25

I added a separate Pathsifter map called "The Abrasion at the Horizon Boundary". You can get this map and others along with the scenario folder itself at the provided link.

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Giant Purple Bastard

Spooky on Oct 28th, 2022, Version 3

Another banger. What a fucking rush I killed so many walrus(s)? with my AK-47. I spent a while trying to kill the Giant Purple Mutant Hellbeast at the end because I was convinced he would drop the last diamond. Managed to make it into part of the map with no escape looking for diamonds, hint: there are no diamonds in the lava pit... or are there?

If you want my advice take out some weapons from the map, they are redundant you can only have one of each.. also maybe make it so you have to work for 'em? Also would be nice if you could borrow the part of Wrks script that allows for weapons XP, the spice of life my friend, the spice of life. Anywho actually loved this mini scenario finished it start to finish in a few hours and taped the proof. Catchya mate.

5 Screenshots

Seeing Pathways enemies from above as well as across?! It's easier to see when you're DEAD!

Screenshot titled "Seeing Pathways enemies from above as well as across?! It's easier to see when you're DEAD!"

"Midnight Incense Crustgrind"

Screenshot titled ""Midnight Incense Crustgrind""

"Tidings of the Secret Center"

Screenshot titled ""Tidings of the Secret Center""