NEFX - Marathon: Keyfinder - The Doomed Myth of Destiny's Halo

by Adminn_1

Uploaded Aug 17th, 2023


In this latest NEFX shell to be added to map-wise over time, you accidentally teleport into a messy, long-abandoned, and now-infested storage complex run by an AI who has gotten imaginative in isolation but who is thwarted in progress and needs someone to retrieve missing keys amidst a great mess in order to both grow unabated and help you escape. All maps in this scenario shall be Retrieval missions.

Version 2023-08-16

I added a new map, "NEFX - Dawned Age First Sight and Strike". You can download it and other maps either individually or together at the provided link.

4 Screenshots

NEFX - "Non-Linear Transfigurative Climbs"

Screenshot titled "NEFX - "Non-Linear Transfigurative Climbs""

NEFX - "Ultimate Solitaricide"

Screenshot titled "NEFX - "Ultimate Solitaricide""