M1A1: Temple of the Pfhor (Netpack) by M1 Map Dude


NOTE: This October 1995 netpack has been converted to M1A1 as part of "The M1 Map Conversion Project" (see enclosed Read Me for details).

"Temple of the Pfhor" is action-packed and at times very dark. Maps in the pack are:

Temple of the Pfhor (excellent)

Drop In (very cool)

Warp 3.0 (so-so)

Cavern (fun-ish)

Busywork (carnage craziness)

Amazin' (so-so)

This M1A1 map-pack was designed with both carnage and visual aesthetics in mind. The weapons are easily accessible, and the ammo should be plentiful even with 8 players.

Original M1 version created by Ric Ewing.

Version 1.1

Version 1.1 corrects lighting phase issue encountered in the M1A1 conversion and also merges proper M1A1 physics into each map.

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