M1A1: "History" Netpack Vol. 2

by M1 Map Dude

Uploaded Aug 30th, 2010 for Marathon


You'll definitely need to read the enclosed "Read Me" on this one, but in the meantime...

NOTE: The following maps are truly the stand-outs which deserve your special attentions: Home Pfhor the Holidays, Milestones, Pfhor a Few Dollars More, and The Woolen Mill. While the rest are absolutely fun and great in their own rights (or they'd not be here), these mentioned four are the cream of the pack (in the opinion of the converter...your mileage may vary, of course).

The Vol. 2 maps are:

  1. Evilution by Biks
  2. Festung by ProleByte
  3. Gilligan's Island by Chris Ashton
  4. Home Pfhor the Holidays by Nick Roemer
  5. Milestones by Randall Shaw
  6. Pfhor a Few Dollars More by Sriranga Veeraraghavan
  7. Pillars Unto You by Bruce Hartzler
  8. The Green Hills of Death by Chris Johnson
  9. The Woolen Mill by Phil Harvey
  10. Two Small Flames We Saw by Sriranga Veeraraghavan

Enjoy your carnage.

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10 Screenshots


Screenshot titled "Evilution"


Screenshot titled "Festung"

Gilligan's Island

Screenshot titled "Gilligan's Island"

Home Pfhor the Holidays

Screenshot titled "Home Pfhor the Holidays"


Screenshot titled "Milestones"

Pfhor a Few Dollars More

Screenshot titled "Pfhor a Few Dollars More"

Pillars Unto You

Screenshot titled "Pillars Unto You"

The Green Hills of Death

Screenshot titled "The Green Hills of Death"

The Woolen Mill

Screenshot titled "The Woolen Mill"

Two Small Flames We Saw

Screenshot titled "Two Small Flames We Saw"