Fortress 17 by ODST 276


Astonishingly, this is my first map I've produced...(that was worth putting up here)... Since I've just started, this map would most likely be ,in your opinion, terrible, albeit simple. Please comment and give me tips if you have any.

Version 1.1

There is now only 6 respawn points. This map cannot hold any more.

  • Uploaded Oct 23rd 2010
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Actually, it's not that bad

Dugit on Oct 23rd 2010, Version 1.1

Although the map certainly isn't polished, it has all the fundamentals laid down for a polished net map. The texturing was adequate, and the architecture was neither lacking nor superfluous. A few protips: there are a few spots where the textures haven't aligned properly. Try going over the map one more time in VML to sort them out. Also, try not to make liquid heights the same as their border polygons, try making it a little lower to avoid that unpleasant scratchy-edge effect.

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Fortress 17