by Kinetic Turtle

Uploaded Jun 18th, 2014 for Marathon Infinity


3 maps, two versions of one of them, plus a version of an Infinity map.

Battlemoose is a fast map, great for dueling, but handles larger groups as well.

The ____ Biscuit Upset is a twisty fun zone, with contributions by my friend screamingfool. Two versions, large and small.

Communist Flirting Falls Flat is a big wet map with two big rooms and long staircases.

Wrath Some More? is a slight remake of Wrath No More? to keep up with modern play.

This pack was originally available on Fileball years and years ago but didn't make it into the archive. I thought it was lost, but amazingly Wrk had a copy, so here we are.

This is mostly here for historical purposes, but the maps are certainly fun to play, so have at.

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Glad to see these were saved

windbreaker on Dec 25th, 2014, Version 1.1

I always liked your map "Red Sauce on Pasta" and am glad that your other maps are seeing the light of day again. This is a strong set of maps, especially considering they were made eight or so years ago.

I particularly like "Battlemoose" and "The Foolish Biscuit"; both have a fast pace and plenty of ammo to keep the action going. "Battlemoose" takes a fairly straightforward, square design and makes it pretty unique through the use of tasteful architecture. If you ever decide to modify these, the only thing I'd say is to add more ammo to the last two maps. Other than that, great job eight years ago!

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Screenshot titled "Battlemoose"

Various Biscuit Upsets

Screenshot titled "Various Biscuit Upsets"

Communist Flirting Falls Flat

Screenshot titled "Communist Flirting Falls Flat"