Eternal Legends of Marathon Netmaps

by raptor200221

Uploaded Mar 18th, 2019


This map pack is a redux version of the Legends of Marathon netmaps. This is currently the only set of netmaps made for Eternal. This will need to be played in the latest version of Eternal. Most of these maps were made for 2-8 players, and most work well in survival mode. Huge thanks to Spooky, Ravenshining, Pfhorrest, and Aaron. Without them, none of this would be possible. This set of maps is dedicated to the entire Marathon community, so do not feel bad if you do not have a map named after you.

Version 1.0

original release

13 Screenshots

Eternal Aaron

Screenshot titled "Eternal Aaron"

One floor height would have been eternally cruel!

Screenshot titled "One floor height would have been eternally cruel!"

asdkzx123 Eternal

Screenshot titled "asdkzx123 Eternal"


Screenshot titled "EDDIE DINGLE ETERNAL"

Fenrick Eternal

Screenshot titled "Fenrick Eternal"

Captain Jteg Eternal

Screenshot titled "Captain Jteg Eternal"

raptor the eternal

Screenshot titled "raptor the eternal"


Screenshot titled "Nevermore!"

SlyfennecFox Eternal

Screenshot titled "SlyfennecFox Eternal"

Spooky Eternal!

Screenshot titled "Spooky Eternal!"

Windbreaker Eternal

Screenshot titled "Windbreaker Eternal"

The Wrkncacnter

Screenshot titled "The Wrkncacnter"

Zuranthus Eternal

Screenshot titled "Zuranthus Eternal"