dungeons - hellpak vol 1: NOT RECOMMENDED BY DOCTORS

by tbcr

Uploaded Jun 24th, 2024


Over the course of 2021/2022, multiple people in the marathonruns.net discord worked on a project that had the goal of making maps that intentionally went against the conventional style of mapmaking normally associated with Marathon. Instead, what you are about download is an incubator anthology of maps that promoted thinking outside the box not only for the mapmakers in making their respective maps, but also for the players themselves tackling them.

We're gonna be completely honest with you, this is definitely not easy. You will more than likely spend countless attempts on some, if not all maps. With this said, be creative and you may find alternative solutions to what may seem like the intended solution. If you are truly stuck on a level and need the minuscule life preserver of help, you can ask in the #get-a-clue channel in the official hellpak discord (link in the readme) and we can provide a somewhat hint at what to do.

\|\||X |X|X

In addition to perusing the fine selection of experimental gameplay in this beautiful space station of a map pack, why not also take 2 seconds of your day to switch over to the full original soundtrack, which features 10 tracks not part of the map pack itself. Similar to hellpak the map pack, hellpak the OST also follows the same experimental and avant-garde principles.


Good luck and Finish Durandal.

Version 42069.4

Hopefully the final point release of Vol 1 as we focus on Vol 2.

‘Perfect Matred’: Game balance issues and possibly occasional crashes. It’s been like half a year – you think I remember?

‘hsinif ladnarud’: Exited to the wrong level, resulting in an unintended case of a level transition without an autosave.

‘Bungie, did you get that thing I sent you? It came from me. It cam’: Its victory condition was more unforgiving than we meant it to be because we overestimated something about an earlier level. (Left intentionally vague to avoid spoilers.)

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  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Seriously difficult

Spooky on Nov 1st, 2022, Version 42069.1

I will update this rating once I actually make it past the first level without cheating but you get 5 stars based on the soundtrack alone.

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Vol 1. Key Art

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Attack of the Cylinders

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The PIT!

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The inner working of uploading something to this website.

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Biology class is up there and you're 5 min away from being late

Screenshot titled "Biology class is up there and you're 5 min away from being late"

The stairs are the least of your worries.

Screenshot titled "The stairs are the least of your worries."