Custom Load Screen for Aleph

by Dodopod

Uploaded Aug 12th, 2009 for Marathon


A terminal/pattern buffer themed loading screen for M1A1. I think it will also work for any other scenario too.

Version 1.1

Fixed alignment issue with the load bar.

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this is a good load screen

ray on Aug 16th, 2009, Version 1.1

don't let the fact that that jackass seanyx-chris gave it 5 stars worry you - even a stopped clock is right twice a day, after all.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.


seanyx-chris on Aug 14th, 2009, Version 1.1

It really accents the character and adds to the overall experience of the game (Best for M1 though).

If you could design loading screens just like this for M2/Inf then that'd be awesome (though you likely wouldn't have to work hard on that. They look graphically identical).

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