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waste of time

iamanidiot123 on Feb 27th, 2011, Version 2.2

Why didn't you just post the full version instead of posting something like this? This script does nearly nothing, and the features it has aren't at all useful. You probably spent about 10 seconds making this, so I'm not going to say, "Thanks for your time dude!" Instead I will say don't post demos.

Cheats.lua Demo

Zaero on 12/19/2010

This is the demo of Cheats.lua script, version 2.2. The full version will (beside 2.0 features) include: -4th teleportation type: teleport to any level (you'll not loose any items you currently have!) -cheat to give yourself any number of Uplink/Repair chips -cheat to kill all the enemies of a certain class (fighter for ex.) or all enemies on the map. This will also allow you to kill allies and there'll be also a preset "class" which will allow you to finish "rescue" type missions easily. -noclip cheat -ability to choose how much ammo an ammo/weapon cheat gives you -ability to set the oxygene/life to any value -Easter Egg "W?rkncacnter mode"

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