Aeon of Strife by PerseusSpartacus


This physics package changes monster behavior so that many of the enemies will begin fighting each-other. Robotic characters (Drones, Juggernauts, and A-Bobs) will attack just about everything.

Version v1.2

Added another version of the main physics file, called 'RAMBO'.

See the ReadMe file for more information.

  • Uploaded Aug 5th 2012
  • tags: durandal infinity m2 physics
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Pfhriggin' on Aug 15th 2012, Version v1.2

Here's a crazy idea: release something original and fun. Like... oh, a map, maybe?

  • Currently 1/5 Stars.

General principle

RyokoTK on Aug 12th 2012, Version v1.2

I hope you at least started by cribbing the physics files that came with Infinity/Forge, so at least you had a head-start on your zero-effort "monsters fight themselves!" physics file.

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