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NEFX Netmaps 19

Adminn_1 on Feb 16th 2022


[02/16/22 update: New map added, "Vanquilodepolis".]

You wanted it, you finally got it (and I've wanted it too): Height variation, differential shading, non-square based architecture, dynamic lighting, ambient sounds, textural variety, and random sounds. Initially this was based on the Kill Them All project in the sense of following the rule of having 100 polygons per level max, but over time it seems I could not stick to that necessarily. :3 However, I have made many of these maps from a 700-polygon template I made (you know, 700 because 7 because Marathon).

Notes for version 19:

New map, "Vanquilodepolis".

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treellama on Apr 1st 2021

An answer to LMOTH: FXOTH. Be the first person on the hill to get a point.

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Family Style 2.0 2.0

eppy on Mar 19th 2022

Well! Some of you thought you wanted this. So it's here. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Notes for version 2.0:

This is the version that includes Bananas, not that map, which no one can prove exists.

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