[XX] Tourist Crossing by RR, Zombie Master


Back from the guy you remembered... again...

Completely on Ye Olde Forge... again...

Featuring the all-new symbol of power! KEY LIME PI!

Remember, if it's tourist season, why CAN't we shoot them? ~Ruben

Version 2.0

Added a recharge. Retextured an unaligned wall. Maybe this'll merit a review if someone sees it.

  • Uploaded Nov 22nd 2010
  • tags: emfh koth ktmwtb survival
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Holy cow

Nibenon on Nov 17th 2010, Version 1.5

I did NOT realize you did all that... sure, maybe some retexturing, new polygons... BUT THIS IS INCREDIBLE. That does it, I'm sticking to castle maps... lol

ps. The pi on the wall is a little simple, don't you think?

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Key Lime Pi


A place.