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Underworld by irons


My only good map pack.

Version 666a9bed

So Underworld isn't totally dead yet. I do make levels occasionally, and I've added two to this version: Parc and The Multiplex.

Parc was formerly known as Pillow, and has seen a few small-but-helpful improvements since its original appearance on Pfhorums. The Multiplex was my contest map for Ryoko's 2008 Summer mapmaking contest; it didn't even get into the Victory Dance VI pack, so I thought I'd release it here for posterity.

  • Uploaded September 1, 2008
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dis on June 26, 2011, Version 666a9bed

I got pictures, I just don't see it anymore Climbing hour upon hour through a total bore With the one I keep where it never fades In the safety of a pitch black mind An airless cell that blocks the day Oh well, okay

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.


brilliant on June 27, 2011, Version 666a9bed

A very fun netpack to play, with a variety of great different sized netmaps for different amounts of players. It has some nice 7-poly maps too! I definitely recommend downloading this pack!

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