The Gray Incident by RyokoTK


A 17-level single player scenario. The predecessor to Marathon: Phoenix. Many assets for Phoenix came from this, as well as some of the storyline beats, like that of the Renegades and a poorly written evil AI.

This scenario was released back in September 2006. It's hard, and it's not very good; fixes and updates went into Phoenix instead. This is presented just as a historical document, I guess.


  • Uploaded Mar 19th 2016
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The Gray Incident

etype on Oct 26th 2018, Version

Unbelievable! This is a master class in designing Marathon architecture - the best architecture I have seen in a Marathon game. This game has the most classic, yuge set-piece battles. You can play these battles over and over till you're covered in phor blood and gore and the floor is slippery with compiler guts and you can't breathe from the stink of alien carcasses, and the moans of the shp't wounded as you crush thier skulls is sweet heaven. This is a top drawer scenario. PLAY IT AND SEE.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Actually Great

ihatelivinginthisplace on Jul 22nd 2018, Version

I have beaten this before and the final fight with the boss was challenging but amazing. I am re-downloading it and am going to see if I can make a special XBLA HUD for it.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

One thing.

MoppyPuppy on Mar 26th 2016, Version

You did fix the no recharge ending to The Accolade right?

Same with the friendly VacBobs in Sonic Firestorm?

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