Mosaic Cafe by RR, Zombie Master


From the old fashioned guy you know from three seconds ago, I give you: The Mosaic Cafe! Done completely on Ye Olde Forge (with one Visual Mode Map) this is meant not to show architecture, but to have a smooth flow and endless blood. Enjoy!

Version 1.1

I don't play online, so if there's anything wrong with this version, leave it here.

  • Uploaded Sep 13th 2010
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Playing online should be a prerequisite for submitting netmaps

RyokoTK on Sep 14th 2010, Version 1.1

The thing about these maps is that it's really evident that you don't play online. Things like gimmicky stairs that are difficult to climb, slow-moving platforms that don't really stand out, teleporters that leave you facing walls, and the general sparseness of ammo that comes with unfamiliarity with netplay.

The other major problem is that the lighting quality is generally insufficient; there is a decent amount of differential shading, but most things are so bright it's garish. Couple that with some fairly schizophrenic texturing choices and the maps are generally an eyesore.

The positive thing is that there is a considerable amount of experience with Forge that's evident in the maps -- so it's not like I don't think you're capable of doing better. The main problem is really just that the good things are offset by issues that are somewhat obvious to experienced multiplayer people.

The architecture in general is on the nicer side, though the geometry may be too dense; this can cause glitches with rockets, which is another problem you wouldn't notice in single player, though the one thing for which you deserve endless credit is that there are no monsters.

Overall, these could do with a much more careful pass through Visual Mode (.lua or Forge) and some layout tweaks, but I think first and foremost you need to actually play online -- and play some of the more popular maps -- to get a better grasp of what makes a netmap a little better.

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

Pretty cool

Nibenon on Sep 13th 2010, Version 1.0

Not bad at all... the flow seems to be pretty good, and it deters camping. Could be a bit more ammo though. Overall pretty cool!

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