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Simplici7y 2.0 is being written / migrated.

I am actively re-writing Simplici7y from Ruby on Rails 2 to Python and Django. This will allow for modern hosting (no more downtime) and the ability to fix bugs, add features, and make changes. Please be patient as I re-create the existing pages and then make improvements. I will not work on enabling logins until I know the database is done being reset.

There is an archive at lochnits.com/s7/

See my progress on Github github.com/rkuykendall/Simplici7y or say Hi to Switch on Discord

Marathon: Revelation - The Brutal Path to Knowing by adminn_1


What if terminals were the ultimate, and your success and passage depended on having the right answers? You can find out here.

[Note: More may be added over time, as I can already envision more.]

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  • Uploaded February 26, 2022
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don't cheat

irons on March 14, 2022, Version 1

a good primer to enter the NEFX mindspace. my mind is able to drift as i read a given NEFX web thoughtpiece, but such measures are literally crushed should i allow this to happen in Revelation.

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""Don't cheat.""