Marathon 1 Redux by liacrow


A project to give Marathon 1 a facelift, incorporating the new features of Aleph One to flesh out and add realism to the Marathon's architecture. Eventually, to incorporate a branching storyline and HD plugins.

Featuring Marathon 1 with liquids, ambient sound, new weapons, more scenery, improved sprites, expanded architecture, new terms & terminal art.

Version 0.0.1 alpha

Premature release due to forum interest. Still requires M1A1 at this point to run.

Two levels playable, much more work done on the first. They are by no means how they will appear in the final version, this is just a concept demonstration.

Known issues: -Vacuum grenade sprite does not make sound and persists -Random extravision on G4 Sunbathing -Lots of scenery items need 1-10 twiddling and sizes MML'ed

  • Uploaded Jan 8th 2018
  • tags: m1a1 scenario solocoop
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