Marathon 1 Redux by liacrow


A project to give Marathon 1 a facelift, incorporating the new features of Aleph One to flesh out and add realism to the Marathon's architecture. Eventually, to include a branching storyline- possibly even missions on the colony moon.

Featuring Marathon 1 with liquids, ambient sound, new weapons, more scenery, improved sprites, expanded architecture, new terms & terminal art, the latest HD plugins. Also including Craig Hardgrove's soundtrack, you can visit his page over at !

This is an Alpha release for development purposes. To contribute to this project, download it and read the "Help Wanted.txt" or head over to the Pfhorums where the list and discussion is posted:

Github will be updated more frequently than this Simplici7y page:

If you are wanting a playable scenario, you'll have to wait for the beta version 0.1.0.

Version 0.0.7-alpha

Changes from latest GitHub release:

  • added Radix's term art to G4
  • restored HD stuff missing from GitHub release
  • updated todo and help wanted

Changes from last Simplici7y upload:

  • attempted to reduce G4 crashes by swapping craig's swirls for the original landing.
  • To-do list now included
  • contributors listed in readme


  • fleshed out 2/4 control rooms
  • moved two pages of new terminal to a control room
  • made some ammo teleporting


  • recharge station and pattern buffer no longer work after tripping breaker
  • both doors to office work at start for better coop, jam later instead
  • telescoping platform
  • improvements to terminal text
  • put corpse by AR
  • secret balancing
  • atmospheric additions


  • fixed pistol reload sound
  • fixed fist throw
  • added trooper vacuum sounds
  • fixed a few scenery items


  • fixed trooper casings
  • slightly less ammo for shock staff melee


  • added credits to Philtron, Nathan92, Radix
  • Uploaded Mar 16th 2018
  • tags: m1a1 scenario solocoop
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thedoctor45 on Jan 30th 2018, Version 0.0.4 alpha

Revising the original Marathon with improved story/terminal art and leveldesign to accomodate Aleph Ones new features is a great idea and all but I think releasing this as a buggy Alpha version is hardly beneficial for anyone.

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6 Screenshots

New animations


Reimagined architecture


Alien weapons for use in liquid environments


Teleporting items and aliens


External vistas


New terminals