Gravity's Rainbow by King Kidtofu


This is a collection of some of my most recent maps. Most of the maps here are in the medium and small category, so do not expect to have more than 5 people on each map.

I Hope you Enjoy the pack.

Gravity's Rainbow 1.21 includes two new maps added, " |3 A |< A" and "Oreta Awai Tsubasa." | F.A.M.A.S | is now fixed in this version also.

Version 1.21

  • Uploaded Aug 26th 2007
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Incomplete review

irons on Aug 1st 2014, Version 1.21

I've only played on Necrophilia, on a whim, selecting the map randomly, and enjoyed every second.

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3 Screenshots

Top Catwalk of |3 A |< A


Ground floor of Oreta Awai Tsubasa


Lookout near two-way