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this is a collection of various fragments of ideas I've had. at least, the ones that were workable enough to even bother trying out, and interesting enough to bother sharing. a couple of these have been posted on the pfhorums in various threads at one time or another. none of these are full maps, and some aren't even finished. take them for what they are.

note: these have all been tested in aleph 1.0b4. some (most?) of them probably work in older versions, but I haven't bothered to go back and check.

this package contains:

  • cage
  • caustics
  • cheatastic
  • forcefield
  • hamster
  • magic carpet
  • ribs
  • starwars
  • the old factory
  • tightrope

Version -1

  • Uploaded Aug 28th 2011
  • tags: lua map scraps script
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Umbra on Oct 20th 2011, Version -1

Dugit : Did you seriously give 4 out of 5?

Thanks for getting this informative set of examples online. I love seeing what pushing Marathon can accomplish.

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goran svensson on Aug 29th 2011, Version -1

I've always been a fan of what people nowadays refer to as gimmicks. This pack is all about that.

Caustics is a cool effect. I don't agree with quartz that it cannot be used, it would just require a custom scenario. Texture sets in marathon can have 100+ textures, and you can write level specific mml.

The amount of textures can also be reduced by 30. You only need one normal texture, which can be used over and over for each bitmap.

Star wars and hamsters shows the new power of untextured sides in the new renderer. Fake floating polygons. Makes me think of old abandoned idea of bridges of balconies. What a marathon we could have had!

Tight rope builds on the same tech as hamster och star wars, but the limits of the floating polygon trick are not visible. It's a foolproof line the air.

Old factory has no gimmicks. It's an unfinished netmap showing of Quartz ability to create good looking architecture.

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

Awesome Stuff

Dugit on Aug 29th 2011, Version -1

Although none of the items in this package are actually finished and polished items, all of them do show remarkable quality.

The Old Factory in itself is almost a polished netmap. The texturing is a little overzealous, but the map itself is of very good quality. I'll go into more detail in a Pfhorums PM.

The tidbits, like Starwars, were very nice too and made with an exemplary amount of effort.

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