3 Boss Battles by skraeling


This is a small map containing three boss battles.

It's basically three monsters with modified physics and shape files to make fighting them more interesting. Each requires a special type of arena for its behavior to work. Also, there's a Bob that heals you.

I had a lot of fun making and testing this. So, I'm sharing it.

That being said, the battles aren't totally balanced (although there are times where they work exactly as I intended), but that's why I provided invincibility if you want it. Also, each monster can be cheesed pretty easily, if you really want to.

My favorite is the Enforcer, although the Hunter actually works the most accurately, if you're not cheesing him.

Version 1.0

Contains Physics, Shape, and Forge Map files.

  • Uploaded Mar 2nd 2015
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Vice on Aug 14th 2015, Version 1.0

Really neat. I don't know why I didn't write this review earlier, I must have forgotten. This is the kind of stuff I've never seen in marathon and implementing it via the (limited) physics must've been quite a task. I highly recommend this for anyone that's looking for ideas for special/elite/boss units. 5/5 for creativity.

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