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Quake 3 lua 0.1b

Vladtepes on Mar 1st 2010


After Halo - Combat Evolved by Irons, this is a script made to recreate some of the experience of playing Quake 3 online

PS: For those like Goran "Mr Obvious" Svensson, this is a prank script

Notes for version 0.1b:

First public beta, some other functions may be added in future releases.

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Learn to mml dammit! [XL] Psychomanteus

Vladtepes on Feb 28th 2010, Version 2.0

Like the mml documentation was too hard to read!?


  • Currently 3/5 Stars.

Wunderbar Halo - Combat Evolved

Vladtepes on Feb 23rd 2010, Version 0.6b

I have never played Halo on line, but now I don't need to any more thanks to that script!

(Maybe you should add some kind of epilepsy warning: this script may clearly be far too powerful for the average player)

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Blitzkrieg! [M] Harmonium

Vladtepes on Jan 29th 2010, Version 1.0

Very nice map with a good flow and interesting height differences, especially around the "parlor" area. This is perfect for carpet bombing techniques!

However, it lacks a bit of ammo for 4 or more player games: even if there are a lot of spawn points. You should tweak a bit the "item count" item parameters to solve that.

Texturing is very very nice, except maybe for the big blue elevators. Shading is really nice too, but maybe differences are too subtle in some places (like the parlor ground)

The only real issue is with the over-complexity of the architecture which cause major slowdowns on netplays with many players. Using custom textures for your chessboard effects could really help there, especially for the "Parlor".

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

Good pack but poor texturing Ein Heldenleben

Vladtepes on Jan 18th 2009, Version 1.2

This pack is getting better with original map architecture.

But the texturing work (especialy in the new map) has to be improved.

For those who are wondering from what games those maps come from :

Zora's Domain : Zelda Ocarina of Time Velora Pass : Unreal Egyptian Temple : Golden Eye (N64) Arcadia : ? Anticitizen One : Half Life 2 (?)