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18th Parallel ?

KampferXeon on Jun 17th 2010


I played XBLA with just alien weapons on this map, and to my surprise, it was the most fun multiplayer game I've ever played. That's not saying much, since, you know. You all are... You know.

Notes for version ?:

Did you know that Pi backwards is Pie? 3.14- 4=P, 1=I, 3=E. Anyway, I actually recommend playing with Dead Players Drop Items, because the minimum count of guns here is half as much as the total count.

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Gemini 1

KampferXeon on May 10th 2010


Well, I can't exactly say this is my first map that I put online, because I didn't really make this. It's just Duality, except more... Funner.

Notes for version 1:

I was bored when I made this. If you don't like it, I don't care. I mainly made it as a test to see how I get maps on. Don't bother with a review. I'll never read it.

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Joke Halo - Combat Evolved

KampferXeon on May 10th 2010, Version 0.6b

This is a joke, right? I find it useful for 1P mode though. By the way, Vio left because of scripts like these.