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Accurate and gorgeous Marathon Infinity Upscaled Weapons

enderandrew on Aug 23rd 2021, Version 1.1

When comparing AI upscaling and hand-drawn original HD replacement textures there is sometimes a trade-off of the upscaler being more accurate to the original look, while a hand-drawn HD texture may have more detail or look nicer.

With this particular mod I don't there is any tradeoff.

These are the nicest looking weapons out there.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Crashes Game Marathon Infinity Upscaled Monsters (Art)

enderandrew on Aug 23rd 2021, Version 1.0

This crashes the game for me every time with the latest Aleph One executables on Windows as of the April 8th, 2021 build when I start a new game.

Marathon Infinity.exe for example.

Removing this plugin makes the crash go away. Running with only this plugin makes the game crash.

However, if I download and use AlephOne64.exe then the game will run and not crash.

I don't know what in this particular plugin will create the crash, but I'll submit a bug report for Aleph One on Github.