Kill Them All II

by RyokoTK

Uploaded Oct 15th, 2007


Kill Them All II is a short but intense scenario for Marathon Infinity. It is a collaborative project, wherein the challenge for each mapper was to make complete, high-quality levels with 100 or fewer polygons.

KTA2 features 11 maps from five mappers: screamingfool, Drictelt, Hangar96, shadowbreaker, and myself. It's difficult, with loads of carnage -- very fun.

Version 1.00

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Great and tons of fun

austin on Aug 24th, 2009, Version 1.00

I loved it. If you want to play a simple kill everything in sight game with out having to search maps for switches and terminals, this is the scenario to play. Pretty simple maps but thats the point. You start off fresh with little health and no guns every map, but quickly your able to build your health and grab practically every weapon, this is a great concept! You're not forced to conserve ammo through out the scenario, but instead your strapped for war in minutes and blowing up aliens. You kill everything on the map, find a teleporter and you're done. This scenario embraces how awesome Marathon's shootem up game play is, and allows you to just enjoy that aspect of the game.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.


Nobody on Dec 1st, 2007, Version 1.00

Awesome for co-op. Contains gratuitous amounts of carnage :-). To the developers: great job, looking forward to another sequel.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

A blast

Tim Vogel on Nov 16th, 2007, Version 1.00

Such a blast to play trough on TC :) Some maps are a little annoying but overal this is lot's of fun and a good reminder on how wicked fun Marathon's gameplay is still. Blasting loads of mags empty on troopers, hunters, fighters and whatnot. good job on this one!

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

a rip-roarin' good time

Kinetic Turtle on Nov 14th, 2007, Version 1.00

As much fun as version I. Same twitchy, tricky gameplay we all know and love. For an extra kick, try it with the co-op script; bizarre new possibilities for new ways to beat each level open up!

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