Ghost by Vladtepes


This script adds a new network survival gametype that Marathon: the ghost hunt.

As an UESC Space Marine, you are sent to seek and kill an invisible and dangerous ghost escaped from the depth of Lh'owon. It is very quick and can jump from wall to wall and, worst of all, you are nearly out of ammo!

Version 0.55

Bug correction

  • Uploaded Feb 9th 2009
  • tags: gametype lua netscript script
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2 Reviews

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Goin' Ghost!

effigy on Feb 10th 2009, Version 0.55

This game type is a highly playable and fun interpretation of KTMWTB.

  • Currently 1/5 Stars.

Bugs Bugs Bugs (Bugs, ...)

timothy on Feb 9th 2009, Version 0.5

Interesting idea, but the current version is unplayable.

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