Marathon Infinity Upscaled Landscapes by W'rkncacnter


This is a Marathon Infinity landscape plugin intended for people that like the look of the original landscapes, but want more detail than the originals allow. Most HD landscapes available make fundamental changes, and I've tried hard to avoid doing that with these.

These were created with AI upscaling, and I did some small touch ups to certain landscapes to try to get rid of anything odd. They are probably still not perfect, but the hope is they look the way they're supposed to, and are still improvements over the originals.

Version 1.1

1.1: Corrected the size of the images and restored missing data on the top and bottom of the images.

  • Uploaded Apr 10th 2021
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Original Day


Upscaled Day


Original Night


Upscaled Night


Original Moon


Upscaled Moon


Original Space


Upscaled Space