Marathon: Machina - The Alien Machine Mind by Adminn_1



In the latest multimedia dispatch from NEFX, spend time stuck in a mad one's dimension trying to attain the most amount of glory in the most amount of time before the current iteration of your condemned (blessed?) soul is snuffed. In the cracks, drink of all the details of the strange essence you've stumbled into. More levels and optional files (i.e textures) may be added across updates (note also the extra maps folder with one map in it).

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will need to toggle the included (and modded) Survival script to play this scenario. I got Hopper's permission for its use -- just ask him. Thanks, Hopper!

New sounds come from Hollywood, sundry YouTube, SWB Audio Capture, and Cythera by Ambrosia Software.

Version 1

One extra map so far.

  • Uploaded Dec 12th 2021
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  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

even better than i expected

irons on Dec 28th 2021, Version 1

textures are grid map screenshots.

what more can you ask for?

a good/bad trip simulator

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Essence of Adminn

Windbreaker on Dec 13th 2021, Version 1

From the long expository terminal submerged in water, to the numerous crushers, liquid cannons, and death pits, to the necessary survival script not enabled by default, this scenario is completely on-brand from Adminn, in the best way.

However, it's the NEFX soundtrack, coupled with the textures made up of overhead map screenshots, as well as the main menu/title screens, that earn this one-level scenario a rare five Fun Roberts from this guy.

Good job.

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