Marathon 2 Upscaled Textures by W'rkncacnter


This is a Marathon 2 wall texture plugin intended for people that like the look of the original textures, but want more detail than 128x128 textures allow. Most HD textures available make fundamental changes, and I've tried hard to avoid doing that with these.

These were created with AI upscaling, and I did some small touch ups to certain textures to try to get rid of anything odd. Many textures are probably still not perfect, but the hope is they look the way they're supposed to, and are still improvements over the originals.

Version 1.2

1.2: Sharper, more detailed textures. Fixed some of the textures where upscaling did weird things due to excessive dithering.

1.1: Color corrections to some textures

  • Uploaded Apr 3rd 2021
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Still ancient.

MoppyPuppy on Nov 16th 2020, Version 1.0

I appreciate that you didn't make everything look smooth and plastic when it wasn't appropriate.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.


HailErdogan on Nov 12th 2020, Version 1.0

Frankly, I'm a little turned on.

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8 Screenshots

Original Lava


Upscaled Lava


Original Pfhor


Upscaled Pfhor


Original Sewage


Upscaled Sewage


Original Water


Upscaled Water