Dreamgrids of Endless Fight - a netmap series by Adminn_1


A small pack of medium Infinity netmaps in the Wolf3D style, to be updated continuously. The newest one (07/11/19) is "Secret Machine Life". The other two were previously released individually: "Through Havoc's Various Nodes" and "Trial's Parallax" (originally released for Yuge). Future netmaps made in this style will be packaged in updates of this upload, with update notices and individual download links included in the description for those who already downloaded a previous release. This way Simplici7y won't be "clogged" or "spammed".

Version 1.0

  • Uploaded Jul 11th 2019
  • tags: deathmatch multiplayer nefx network wolfenstein
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"Secret Machine Life [M]"


"Trial's Parallax [M]"


"Through Havoc's Various Nodes [M]"